Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter First Look

Husqvarna expands its fledgling emobility range with the new Vektorr electric scooter and Bltz stand-up scooter.

Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter First Look
Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter First Look
Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter First Look
Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter First Look
Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter First Look
Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter First Look

Husqvarna’s new Vektorr concept electric scooters looks absolutely cool

Husqvarna Vektorr e-scooter slated for launch in 2022

    Husqvarna has a new electric two-wheeler in the works. Husqvarna was just unveiled as the Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept. Late last month we covered the announcement of the new Husqvarna E-Pilen electric motorcycle concept unveiled by the company. A similar design scheme is followed by the Vektorr electric scooter concept . The Vektorr electric scooter concept retains much of the company’s signature look. It is takn in an even more latest direction . Designed for the urban market a common move among early-stage electric motorcycle brands – the Husqvarna Vektorr sports fairly low speed and range figures. Other than the name (apparently the chances of a trademark lawsuit decrease with every added consonant).

    Other the Vektorr electric scooter seems well positioned for a younger and more urban audience. Studies have indicated that over half of young riders are considering switching to electric. Husqvarna’s recent concepts have shown that the company is positioning itself to welcome those riders with interesting and latest designs. While the E-Pilen electric motorcycle is likely to offer more of a thrill. A more utility-focused role will be certainly filled by the E-Pilen electric motorcycle Husky’s scooter concept here . The Vektorr was apparently developed alongside Indian company Bajaj. Its own Vespa-styled electric scooter known is produced by fact as the Bajaj Chetak .

    In addition to the Vektorr concept, Husqvarna also bragged a new standing electric scooter concept. The streets will be hit by there’s no word yet on how likely ( or how soon ) the Vektorr . No word we’ll keep you updated with any news on the concept’s impending release. Until then, let’s hear what you think of the Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept in the comments section below.

    Husqvarna Vektorr concept electric scooter revealed

    The wraps has been taken by husqvarna off the Vektorr concept electric scooter . Husqvarna giving us a peek into what its future EV would look like. Based on the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter, the Husqvarna Vektorr concept. Its own, distinct flavour is brought by the Husqvarna Vektorr concept to the EV table .

    Husqvarna Vektorr: Production and launch

    Husqvarna is expected to launch the production variant of the Vektorr in 2022. The scooter will be manufactured at Bajaj’s factory, as part of the Bajaj-Pierer Mobility plan. A stake is held by the uninitiated in Pierer Mobility . Bajaj part of the KTM group. Plans were announced by them to become the world leader in the 4 to 11 kW electric two-wheeler space .

    A mere 10 days after revealing its E-Pilen Concept. A second electric concept was announced by a mere 10 days Husqvarna . The Vektorr is called by a mere 10 days this time an e-scooter it . Designed for urban commuting duty, the Vektorr Concept. A height speed is claimed by the Vektorr Concept of 45 kph ( 28 mph ) and a range of up to 95 km ( 59 miles ) . Little technical detail was provided by beyond ., Husqvarna . We do know, however, the Vektorr. That the Vektorr was co-developed with Bajaj, which owns a stake in Pierer Mobility, Husqvarna’s a parent company. Interestingly, There is no mention of a swappable battery, a feature. A feature found on the E-Pilen.

    E-Pilen being designed for urban riders. Both the Vektorr E-Pilen Husqvarna is looking to expand its dealer presence in large metropolitan areas in Europe, with a concentrate on Spain, France, Italy and Germany. The Vektorr wasn’t the only electric concept Husqvarna announced today. The sit-down Vektorr was joined by the Bltz stand-up electric scooter concept.

    Husqvarna reveal Vektorr electric scooter concept

    Husqvarna Vektorr: The concept

    The Husqvarna Vektorr concept scooter has been showcased within days of the unveiling of the e-pilen electric motorcycle. The Husqvarna Vektorr concept scooter features a design language that's synonymous with latest Husqvarnas.

    The strangely named 'Vektorr' is designed to show us what Husky describe as a 'tantalising vision of what a move into electric urban mobility will look like' although we can’t help. The think it shows us something. The looks a lot like a traditional internal combustion scooter – a far cry from the wild concepts we’ve seen from others.

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    • Husqvarna E-Pilen concept

    Alongside the Vektorr, Husky also unveiled a folding e-scooter called the Bltz (presumably missing an 'i' because they spent all the budboard the extra R in Vektorr) both of. The Vektorr join the lately revealed E-Pilen. A claimed 0 is produced by the Bltz . 7bhp .

    Husqvarna Vektorr ConceptThe Husqvarna Vektorr Concept scooter with a price tag of estimate Rs. 1.30 Lakh in india.

    It is available in 1 variant and 1 colour. Powered by a Motor. The Husqvarna Vektorr Concept has front brakes. The Husqvarna Vektorr Concept rear brakes.

    Key Specs of Vektorr Concept Vektorr Concept Price

    Variant Estimated Price
    Vektorr Concept STD Rs.1,30,000
    Estimated Price
    Alert Me When Launched

    Husqvarna Vektorr Concept Colours

    Husqvarna Vektorr Based on  Bajaj Chetak E-scooter.

    This is Bajaj Chetak

    Husqvarna Vektorr: The underpinnings

    A few days after revealing the E-Pilen electric motorcycle concept. Wraps has been taken by a few days Husqvarna of their electric scooter concept . Called Vektorr, this is a concept version of the forthcoming electric scooter. Speaking about the scooter, Husqvarna says, It is “an eco-friendly offering that brings the future of personal urban transport into the present.”

    The Vektorr is based on the Bajaj Chetak. The Vektorr is expected to share the equivalent underpinnings. The concept also seems to get the equivalent trailing link front and monoshock back suspension as on the Bajaj Chetak. Husqvarna says the Vektorr concept is powered by a 4kW motor. Husqvarna can propel the scooter to 45kph. Husqvarna while the battery range is 95km.

    The Husqvarna Vektorr has a limited height speed of 45 kph and a range of up to 95 km. The Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept has been revealed. The Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept as the Swedish two-wheeler manufacturer showcases its plans for the e-mobility business. A hazy glimpse was provided by a few days ago, Husqvarna of its first electric motorcycle . A few days named the E-Pilen. A handful has now been revealed by a few days of pictures . details of what is the brand’s first-ever electric scooter; a break from the norm for a company named Husqvarna Motorcycles. However, It has its fair share of distinctive design. It is distinguished as a Husqvarna product .

    Electric Husqvarna Vektorr scooter concept breaks cover

    The Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept breaks cover to give a huge clue as to what we can expect from Huskie's burgeoning green motorcycle range Its first electric motorcycle - the E-Pilen - last month, the wraps will be become by after teasing what . The wraps have now come off a concept version of the second model in Husqvarna’s zero exhaust emissions double act, the Vektorr scooter. Talk of a Husqvarna scooter has been doing the rounds for around twelve months. Talk ever since a sketch of the purported electric-powered model turned up in parent company KTM’s internal communications. Since then not a lot has been said of the erstwhile unnamed model. A lot would have both heralded Husqvarna’s first arrive into both the e-mobility and scooter divisions. Instead, attention has been lavished on the 11kW motorcycle E-Pilen confirmed towards the end of 2020. attention teased in shadowy shots in April. Now it is the turn of what has been christened the Vektorr to make its bow.

    this time someone has flicked the light switch so we can get a good look at what we can expect. Questions about the spelling aside, The Vektorr is arguably exactly what you would expect a Husqvarna scooter to look like. Questions combining many of the design traits. Questions can be seen on its bigger models. Questions while following the trend of other e-scooters with its bulbous rear and bluff front-end. If you squint, It is a more angular take on the Vespa silhouette.

    When will the Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter go on sale?

    While the Vektorr is expected to be a global model. The Vektorr it is set to be a driving force behind Husqvarna’s expansion in Asia. The Vektorr while there is talk it could also spawn a KTM version. The E-Pilen has European urban riders in mind. This week we reported a leaked investor document confirmed the Husqvarna Vektorr is likely to go on sale in 2022, the E-Pilen. Together with the E-Pilen we can only assume is also close to being unveiled in concept form.

    Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter joins the beaten path

      Electric models are being gradually added by husqvarna's motorcycle-building division to its range . After launching a 6.7-horsepower minibike in 2018. unveiling a close-to-production concept named E-Pilen early in 2021, It previewed a design study called Vektorr that shows how it plans to enter the battery-powered scooter segment. The Vektorr breaks new ground for a company often associated with chainsaws and two-stroke enduro dirt bikes. Its name has been put by it's the first electric scooter that Husqvarna on . The first electric scooter it's the most urban-oriented model the company has ever built. It's aimed directly at city users seeking a nimble. It's silent scooter to run errands on. A single round headlight is featured by it . It fairing on both sides, and a two-tone paint job with yellow accents. It's a small more futuristic than the average scooter,.

      it's not wild to the point of looking like it's from the 22nd century. Full technical details haven't been released yet. All we know is that the Vektorr has a maximum riding range of about 60 miles and a top speed of around 30 mph. For context, a Peugeot Kisbee. A Peugeot Kisbee powered by a 50-cc single-cylinder engine tops out at 30 mph, too, 1.6-gallon fuel tank.. its 1.6-gallon fuel tank delivers a 236-mile range. Context according to the manufacturer. Husqvarna explained its expansion into the scooter market will require it to recruit new dealers in Spain, France, Italy and Germany. It didn't reveal when it will launch the production version of the Vektorr, enthusiast website Visor Down.. enthusiast website Visor Down learned the scooter is tentatively due out in 2022. There's no word on whether we'll see it in America.

      The Vektorr may not make it to the production model. The Vektorr is likely to see some changes and tweaks from the concept. The made-in-India production model of the Husqvarna Vektorr concept is likely to be announced in 2022 Under the skin, the Vektorr. The Vektorr is expected to share the equivalent powerplant and battery as the Chetak electric scooter. According to Husqvarna, the Vektorr concept. The Vektorr concept is powered by a 4kW motor which is capable of 45 kmph height speed, while the claimed range of the battery is 95 km. If it's indeed based on the Chetak. It's then the height speed could be marginally higher, with the real-world height speed of the Chetak around 65-70 kmph. The production model of the Husqvarna Vektorr concept will be made in India, at Bajaj Auto's factory near Pune, With an official unveil of the production model sometime in 2022.

      Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter Based On Bajaj Chetak Revealed

      The Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter has been unveiled. Husqvarna has taken the wraps off its Vektorr electric scooter concept based on the E-01 concept unveiled in 2020. The Vektorr will be based on the bajaj Chetak electric scooter. The Vektorr is likely to be powered by the equivalent electric motor as well. The Husqvarna Vektorr will be built at Bajaj's factory near Pune. More lately, Husqvarna revealed the E-Pilen concept which is eventually expected to become Husqvarna's first electric motorcycle.

      A couple of days ago, Reports revealed that the Swedish motorcycle manufacturer will delay its electric scooter launch by a year. Its electric scooter has now been revealed by however, Husqvarna . It is called the Vektorr. It does look close to being production-ready. styling of the Husqvarna Vektorr is very similar to the E-01 concept from 2020. The Husqvarna E-Pilen concept revealed in April featured swappable batteries. However, with the Vektorr electric scooter, There is no mention of swappable batteries.

      This is due to the fact that the Husqvarna Vektorr will be based on the underpinnings of the Bajaj Chetak. The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is powered by a 48V/6.3Ah Power is sent by battery pack to a 4080W BLDC motor . It is this battery. motor combination that is also expected to power the Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter. various other components will also be shared between the two electric scooters. Husqvarna was quoted as saying. Husqvarna "The Vektorr Concept is the first electric scooter ever produced by Husqvarna Motorcycles.

      Husqvarna "The Vektorr Concept is aimed squarely at the urban commuter who demands a compact. effective personal transport solution to fit their busy lifestyle." It is expected to be launched in 2022. In the Indian market, the Husqvarna Vektorr. The Husqvarna Vektorr will compete with the Ather 450X, TVS iQube, and Bajaj Chetak. Thoughts On Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter Concept Being Revealed

      showcase of Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept

      Following the showcasing of the Husqvarna E-Pilen, the manufacturer. The manufacturer has unveiled its all-electric scooter concept, which mainly concentrates on e-mobility solutions, specially in European markets. Husqvarna Vektorr is an whole-new electric scooter concept. Part will be soon become by husqvarna Vektorr of the company’s portfolio . The new electric scooter is mainly aimed towards e-mobility solutions in European markets. Husqvarna is actively searching for qualified dealers in metropolitan areas of Spain, France, Italy, and Germany for better market penetration. The concept more conventionally has been styled by focusing on the Vektorr, Husquvarna . The all-LED headlamp seems to be borrowed from the lately showcased Husqvarna E-pilen electric concept motorcycle. A round headlamp unit surrounded by a thin LED DRL is a typical styling element on Husqvarna motorcycles. The mudguard upfront is stubby. body panels on either side are moulded in a way to deflect the incoming wind blast. The concept sports a two-tone black and white colour scheme, with a large Husqvarna logo on both sides. The body panels on the back show very few moulds with a very short overhang. The overall design is very simple with subtle colour schemes.

      A few fluorescent highlights are gotten by the Vektorr on the rims and edges of the footboard to jazz up the styling . Husquvarna claims that the Vektorr will have a range of 95km in one full charge while delivering a height speed of 45km/hr. Other technical details such as battery capacity. motor output haven’t been revealed yet. The interested customers can see the concept in the flesh at the PIERER Mobility AG special exhibition in the KTM Motohall in Mattighofen, Austria, where Husqvarna has also showcased its E-pilen and Bltz. The production model of the Husqvarna Vektorr concept is likely to debut in the coming months. India launch of the Vektorr electric scooter is very much possible as Bajaj – Husqvarna’s parent company – is already working towards improving the infrastructure for its all-electric Chetak. India launch could be a very good base for the forthcoming E-pilen and Vektorr in India in the future.

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      Husqvarna’s Vektorr concept makes electric scooters. Husqvarna has a new electric two-wheeler. Husqvarna was unveiled just. A design scheme is followed. The Vektorr scooter concept retains much. The wraps has been taken. Its,flavour is brought. Husqvarna says the Vektorr concept. A stake is held. Husqvarna Reveals Vektorr Concept Electric Scooter. A 10 days after revealing its E-Pilen Concept. A concept was announced. The Vektorr is called. Husqvarna reveal Vektorr electric scooter concept. The Vektorr,Husky unveiled a folding e-scooter. The Vektorr join revealed the lately E-Pilen. It is available. The Husqvarna Vektorr Concept has front brakes. What is the. What is the estimated launch date. What is the engine displacement. What is the Tyre Type. A days after revealing the E-Pilen electric motorcycle concept. Wraps has been taken. Husqvarna“The Vektorr Concept is produced the first electric scooter ever by Husqvarna Motorcycles. Husqvarna“The Vektorr Concept is aimed squarely. The Husqvarna Vektorr has a limited height speed. The Husqvarna Vektorr scooter concept as the manufacturer showcases its plans. A glimpse was provided. Electric Husqvarna Vektorr scooter concept breaks cover. Its motorcycle-the E-Pilen-month,the wraps will be become. The wraps have come now off a concept version. Talk of a Husqvarna scooter has been doing the rounds. Talk since a sketch of the model turned up. The Vektorr while there is spawn talk it a KTM version. The E-Pilen has European urban riders. Husqvarna Vektorr scooter joins the. Electric models are being added gradually by husqvarna's motorcycle-building division. The Vektorr breaks associated new ground. An idea is given. Its Vektorr scooter concept has been unveiled. Husqvarna giving look an idea. Husqvarna has taken the wraps. The Vektorr is likely. The manufacturer has unveiled concentrates its all-electric scooter concept,which mainly. Husqvarna Vektorr is an whole-new electric scooter concept. Part will be become soon by husqvarna Vektorr.


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