Harley-Davidson Confirms Limited Edition Electra Glide Revival

Harley-Davidson Confirms Limited Edition Electra Glide RevivalHarley-Davidson's Q1 2021 financial more

Harley-Davidson Confirms Limited Edition Electra Glide Revival

Harley-Davidson financial report for the first quarter of 2021 revealed more details on the mysterious "RevivalModel" and showed a photo of a close to production version of the Custom 1250 liquid-cooled cruiser.

We'll have more information on the quarterly report elsewhere, but let's examine what we've learned about these next two models.

We first glimpse briefly revival in January, at the end of Harley-Davidson 2021 Model Launch Presentation. The video showed part of the fuel tank console with "Revival" prominently displayed.

The first quarter presentation featured a similar image, but with "Electra Glide" added to the label. Looking closely at the original teaser image below, the space above "Revival" has a noticeably smoother texture than the rest of the panel, a hint that the words "Electra Glide" were edited from the original image to keep it a secret.

Revival's original teaser image had the words "Electra Glide" removed with Photoshop.

Harley-Davidson is now set to reveal the Electra Glide connection, as it confirms that Revival will launch this month as a limited-edition serialized model, the first of what the company calls an "Icon Collection." The presentation included a photo of the Renaissance in silhouette, offering a few more clues as to what to expect.

The overall profile resembles the currentbatwing Electra Glide Standard, with afairing, large front fender, and hard cases. However, there are some visible differences. The front fender has a few extra trims, like previous FLH models, and the wheel uses wire spokes instead of the standard cast wheel. The tire also looks thicker than the Electra Glide Standard, and we wouldn't be surprised if it also had white sidewalls.

The saddle looks flatter and taller than you'd normally find on current models, and a passenger grab handle similar to those found on Electra Glides of yesteryear is clearly visible.

Despite the retro look, the Revival will, of course, be powered by a modern engine. Certification documents from the US Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board confirm the Revival as a 2021 model with the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine.

Harley-Davidson is currently in the middle of the hit the release for Pan America (check back soon for Ryan Adams review), so we suspect Harley will want to give it a break before revealing the Electra Glide Revival in its entirety. Expect news to come out next week.

The Q1 report also included a single image of what appears to be the production version of the Custom 1250 with the Revolution Max engine. Previous images of the prototype, the new photo shows some changes indicating that it is close to production.

The image was accompanied by the phrase "Expanding into the cruise segment," suggesting that the Custom 1250 may be an addition to the existing Harley-Davidson lineup and not a direct replacement for the Sportster as some hope.

In addition to working lighting, changes include new bar mirrors, a reflector on the front fender, a new skid plate design, a different radiator design, exhaust thermal protection, a new rear-lit license plate bracket and rear brake lines.

There is also a new cover between the cylinder heads similar to that found on the Pan America. The photo also shows Harley-Davidson branded Dunlop tires instead of the Pirellis shown on the prototype.

The presentation didn't mention when we might learn more about the Custom 1250, but information may emerge from a conference call scheduled for tomorrow.

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