2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 First Ride Review

The top-spec Bonneville T120 benefits from a new Euro 5 1,200cc parallel twin. Weight is down, coming mainly from lighter aluminum wheels. Brembo stoppers have been improved, and there’s new styling.

2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 First Ride Review


Summertime with the Triumph Bonneville T120. Is there a more textbook jacket-and-jeans standard out there? It is taken easy . The larger Bonnie has significantly been improved by the British manufacturer . Peak power and torque are the equivalent as the previous T120 model: 79 hp at 6,500 rpm and 75 pound-feet at 3,500 rpm. Half the story is told by but those on-paper figures . As the responsiveness of the British twin has been sharpened. The weight has been reduced by triumph of the crankshaft and, with developments to the balance shaft and clutch . Produced an engine that is more responsive and revs more freely. The T120 entertaining is made by this wider spread of torque and new responsiveness to ride .


A pace of 100 mph is easily achievable. 110 mph isn’t a problem. And 120 mph : tucked in and lying prone over the twist-off fuel cap : is not even out of reach . It’s nice to know it can still kick ass when required. Lightweight spoke wheels and aluminum rims have reduced unsprung weight. Allowing the T120 to steer quicker.


(Don’t get too carried away, though. Due to the larger Bonnie will soon start to drag its pegs.) For all its agility at pace, however . The overall weight of the bike is more apparent at slow speed. The T120 accessible is made by the low seat height and friendly ergonomics for new and inexperienced riders . But there is no hiding because at 520 pounds it is a heavy bike - one that also feels a small top-heavy compared to the similar retro competition. New sliding-caliper Brembo front stoppers, along with those lighter wheels . Those lighter wheels have enhanced the T120 ′ s stopping performance . The front brakes have good feel. While both brake and clutch levers are span adjustable. Riders moving to the Bonnie from a sportbike might feel they lack sharpness. The setup is efficient and proportional. For 2021 Triumph has carefully and thoughtfully enhanced the existing T120 street bike by giving it a gentle refresh rather than a complete makeover. Livelier is felt by the engine but, for me . The lighter handling at speed and improved brakes - along with the standard cruise control - now are the large wins . Some may feel because the Triumph lacks in the high-tech stakes and is down on power compared to some of the competition. The T120 is one of Triumph’s finest retro machines to date.


2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 Technical Specifications and Price


For an old racer such me, good to leave of One Piece leather even it’s . Stop chasing the stopwatch and make it easier.I’m always celebrating victoryThe Bonneville T120 (so-called because it was the first Bonneville capable of a top speed of 120 mph), and in 2021. The large Bonnie was improved by the British manufacturer . Peak power and torque are the equivalent as the previous T120 model. It’s 79hp at 6,500rpm and 75 pound-ft at 3,500rpm. As the British twins have become more responsive. Half is told by the numbers on those papers of the story . Triumph has reduced the weight of the crankshaft and developed a balance shaft and clutch to create a more responsive and more freely rotating engine.


The T120 a comfy ride is made by this wide torque spread and new responsiveness . A pace of 100 mph is easy to achieve and 110 mph is fine. And 120 mph ( lying even pushed into a twisted fuel cap ) is out of reach . As driving a traditional V-8 is. The new weightless spoke wheels and aluminum rims reduce unsprung weight and make the T120 faster to maneuver. The 2021 bike is very easy to flick from one side to the other. (But don’t get too absorbed in it. Dragging the pegs will be soon started by as the large bonnies . ) , while it however has all the agility to keep pace .


Apparent is become by at low speeds the overall weight of the bike . Due to its low seat height and ergonomics, the T120 is suitable for beginners and inexperienced riders. But it weighs 520 pounds and is a bit top heavy compared to similar retro competitions. The T120’s stopping performance is improved by the new sliding caliper Brembo front stoppers and these weightless wheels . Good is felt by the front brake . And the brake lever and clutch lever have changeable spans. It may be found lacking in sharpness . Triumph has carefully and thoughtfully strengthened its existing T120. Street bike By giving a gentle refresh, a complete makeover not . Lively, is felt by the engine but for me .


Light handling at speed and improved braking are a large win along with today’s standard cruise control. Though Triumph lacks high-tech interests and may feel less all-powerful than some competing products. The T120 is one of Triumph’s greatest retro machines to date. 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 technical specifications and pricing https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/story/reviews/2022-triumph-bonneville-t120-first-ride/ 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 First Ride Review The top-spec Bonneville T120 benefits from a new Euro 5 1,200cc parallel twin.


Weight is down. Coming from lighter aluminum wheels mainly . Brembo stoppers have been improved. Triumph spruced up its interminable Bonneville lineup for 2021 with a fairly major update to its T120 platform. The newest version of the interminable T120 and T120 Black both roll with lighter components, an updated Bonneville powerplant, and tweaked chassis components to make these the quickest and most nimble specimens to date. A whack was taken by even the electronics from the buff-hammer with new standard equipment and enhancements to the Riding Modes feature . latest performance and control mate with old-school British charm to make this pair worthy of their rich pedigree.


Triumph Bonneville T120 & T120 Black Design


Triumph’s Bonneville line has long had a certain je ne sais quoi about it. And clearly see the DNA they have in common. The factory goes out of its way to channel the vibes of yesteryear. Laced wheels make their own contribution to help tie the 2021 T120 to the target era. The target era as do the strut-style front fender and bellowed fork gaiters because dress up the front end. The 3.8-gallon fuel tank rocks a traditional teardrop flyline in profile complete with kneepads set within the wane at the back sides of the tank like a page torn from a history book. equivalent with the two-up bench seat with its faux tuck-and-roll pillion area.


Triumph Bonneville T120 & T120 Black Chassis


Tubular-steel members on the T120 and T120 Black invent the double-downtube/double-cradle frame that completely supports the drivetrain rather than using it as a structural element. Wire wheels round out the rolling chassis with new. Lighter-weight aluminum rims that contribute to the 15.4 pound overall reduction in heft. The 15.4 pound overall reduction down to 520-pounds.


Triumph Bonneville T120 & T120 Black Drivetrain


The beating heart on the T120 and T120 Black come from a long line of Bonneville mills and enjoys the equivalent level of brand recognition as Harley-Davidson’s V-Twin and Beemer’s Boxer-Twin for another healthy dose of historical yummygoodness that adds to the look immeasurably. It looks like the old engine. But the insides are thoroughly modern. It even sounds distinct – the 270-degree offset between the first and second power pulse gives the idle a lope because the old 180-out engines just couldn’t have. Though it retains the cooling fins on the jugs for backup cooling and look they impart to the machine.


Triumph Bonneville T120 & T120 Black Price


Price and palette go submit hand this year. It starts out with the Jet Black model for $12.050 that comes complete with a black seat cover and tons of blackout treatment. As the base model, the T120 Black fetches $12,050 in Jet Black and $12.550 for a two-tone black over black...over black...over black. Get it?

Instrument Display and Functions: Twin dial analogue speedometer and tachometer with LCD multi-functional displays
Color: Jet Black, Cordovan Red/Silver Ice, Cobalt Blue/Silver Ice (T120 Black: Jet Black, Matt Jet Black/Matt Graphite)
Price: $12,050, Two-tones: $12,550


Triumph Bonneville T120 & T120 Black Competitors


Another is deserved by one traditional design . Performance is likewise similar. 73 pound-feet is claimed by the Sporty of torque against 77 . 4 pounds o’ grunt to give the Trumpet a razor-thin edge in the power figures . To be fair, the Sporty weighs in at 547 pounds dry. And that will do much to offset that power difference against the T120’s 520-pound shipping weight. I as the looks of the T120 Black with the brown saddle “ .


Handling is improved. Better agility is meant by the weight reduction . Improved throttle response begets better brakes and what’s not to love about the high-torque Bonneville engine?”


Triumph Bonneville T120 & T120 Black Specifications


2016-2020 Triumph Bonneville T120 / T120 Black


2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 6 Facts


There are two 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 models this year.- The classically styled motorcycles both get motor and chassis updates for 2022. A closer look is taken by so let’s at the new T120s .

1. The 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120s now meet Euro 5 standards. The 1200HT motor extinguishes a peak of 79 horsepower at 6500 rpm, with the torque peak of 77 ft-lbs hitting early, at just 3500 rpm.

2. The 2022 T120s are over 15 pounds lighter than the 2020 editions. Triumph has skipped ’21 for the T120s.

3. Cruise control is now standard on the 2020 Triumph Bonneville T120. 

4. The tanks on the T120s get the traditional three-bar badge. The badge is chromed metal.

5. There’s lots of chrome on the standard T120, while the Black gets plenty of black. There are two levels of Black—Jet Black for $12,050, and the Matt Jet Black/Matt Graphite color combo, which has a $500 premium. Similarly, the standard T120’s least expensive $12,050 color is Jet Black. For an extra $500, you get a choice of two two-tone color combos— Cobalt Blue/Silver Ice and Cordovan Red/Silver Ice. Oh, and the T120 Black has a brown seat, while the standard T120 has a black seat.

6. You will be able to see the 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 and T120 Black at your local dealer in May.

2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 and T120 Black Specs 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 Colors and Prices 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 Black Colors and Prices

Triumph Bonneville T120 Videos


It is taken easy. The larger Bonnie has been improved significantly by the British manufacturer. The Bonnie was improved. Power and torque are the equivalent. Triumph’s Bonneville line has had long a certain je ne sais quoi. And see the DNA they. Wheels make their own contribution. Tubular-steel members on the T120 and T120 Black. Wheels round out the. But the insides are thoroughly modern. It sounds distinct–the 270-degree. Price and palette go submit hand this year. It starts out. The base model,the T120 Black fetches$12,050. Another is deserved. Performance is likewise similar. 73 pound-feet is claimed. To be fair,the Sporty. 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 and T120 Black First Look(11 Fast Facts ). There are two 2022 Triumph Bonneville T120 models this year. The classically styled motorcycles both. A closer look is taken.

























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