2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 Review

The Bonneville receives a significant boost in performance, suspension and brakes have been improved, and there’s a weight reduction.

2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 Review

2022 Triumph Bonneville T100


2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 First Look (Fast Facts)

A more all-powerful is gotten by the Triumph Bonneville T100 and higher-revving motor for 2022 . Along with a lighter chassis and upgraded suspension as the British company skips right past ’21. A bit some styling changes are gotten by the 2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 . The 2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 motor is upgraded to the equivalent spec as the Street Twin. So it is now more of a revver. A 10-horsepower bump is gotten by the T100 .

And it now tops out at 64 horsepower at 7400 rpm. Unchanged is remained by peak torque at 59 ft-lbs . Though the 900cc vertical twin has to spin up another 520 rpm to get there. The redline is increased by 500 rpm thanks to new porting, valve springs, cam-chain tensioner, and cam profile. A Brembo caliper is now found on the left fork leg of the 2022 Triumph Bonneville T100. , cam cover is covered by the engine . And sprocket cover all get black powdercoating.

An all-black exhaust system is optional. Three color options are gotten by while the T100 . The Jet Black color option looks after those who want a darkly styled motorcycle. Color is preferred by for those who . There is a Carnival Red & Fusion White pairing. Along with Lucerne Blue & Fusion White. Hand-painted pinstriping is included by the two-toned versions in Aluminum Silver .

2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 Specs

  • Wheelbase: 57.1 inches
  • Rake: 25.5 degrees
  • Trail: 4.1 inches
  • Seat Height: 31.1 inches
  • Tank capacity: 3.8 gallons
  • Estimate fuel consumption: 69 mpg
  • Curb weight: 503 pounds

Triumph Bonneville T100 Design

There’s no substitute for genuine experience just . It is possessed in spades when it comes to the Bonneville-powered T100 . Ample blackout treatment is a constant cross the range of three color packages that include an all-black base model. Blackout rims and hubs ride between similarly darkened fork sliders, fender, tripleclamp, headlight can, and dual gauge housings. The engine design even adds to the T100’s old-school chops with its vertical-twin arrangement, cooling fins, and traditional proportions . Oh well, can’t have everything all of the time. That’s a minor point on what comparatively is, ultimately .

A rolling tribute piece that is absolutely steeped in history and tradition with that undeniable Triumph presence.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Chassis

Weight loss is always good for agility. And so it is with the new T100 that rolls almost 9-pounds lighter than the previous version. A rake angle is established by the steering head of 25 . 5 degrees from the vertical . And the 18-inch hoop is once factored in it gives way to 4 . 1 inches of trail to land deep in the nimble end of the spectrum . The double-downtube is invented by tubular-steel members / double-cradle structure, complete with a “ D ” cross-section in the steel, yoke-style swingarm for the extra strength it brings to the table . Though mostly tucked out of sight. The frame sets the stage and provides the T100 with a shape that is regarded as the British equivalent of the ubiquitous UJMs of the sixties and seventies. The drivetrain rather is supported by the frame design than using it as a stressed member to eliminate the cradle section of the skeleton . The T100 makes do with a single front brake because rocks a twin-piston Brembo anchor and a 310 mm disc. Opposite a 255 mm disc and twin-pot Nissin anchor with stock at both ends aBS .

Triumph Bonneville T100 Drivetrain

Only not is the engine on the T100 cleaner with a shiny new EU-5 emissions rating . But the engineers actually managed to do so while collecting another 10 horsepower to give it 64.1 ponies at 7.400 rpm. Torque maxes out with 59 pound-feet at 3.750 rpm to give the mill a broad tractable powerband fairly low in the rev range. The induction is managed by electronic fuel injection in each of two throttle bodies, but that’s the end of the ’tronics ; there’s no engine-control features such as traction control or a quick-shifter to complicate things . Some may count because as a negative. In a potential first bike specially . The T100 can also be had with an A2-compliant tuning package to meet regulations. Top speed on the full-strength version is around the 115 mph mark.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Competitors

The U.S.market there’s no doubt which customers Triumph looks to attract with its new Bonneville T100 and it’s Harley-Davidson’s Iron 883 fans. “Triumph’s T100 just keeps getting better while maintaining the looks because fans have come to know and love while steadily improving the performance and cleanliness of the Bonneville mill. A nice small bike even better was made by “ This update . The performance is matched by the T100 engine of the Street Twin . Better handling is meant by lighter weight and beefier brakes to go along with the improvements . "

Triumph Bonneville T100 Specifications

The Bonneville back was brought by after a multi-decade hiatus, Triumph in 2001, Motorcyclist reports . And in 2016. It was updated into its current T120 and T100 forms. Its current T120 and T100 forms offer more tech considerably . Whether the engine size worries you, the 900cc, 5-speed Bonneville T100 has all the T120’s strengths in a more-approachable package, RideApart reports . , it admittedly lacks the standard heated grips, riding modes, and cruise control . But with ‘ only’ 55 hp and 59 lb-ft, it’s less intimidating numerically . And it’s an first-class all-around bike, Cycle World reports still . Classic Triumph Bonnevilles aren’t necessarily nowadays significantly cheaper than new ones . A 2020 Bonneville T120 starts at $11,850; the T100 starts at $10,450. And while some 1970-and-earlier bikes sell for about $8000, Bring a Trailer reports, others sell for $10,000-$15,000.

In that case the engine size worries you, the 900cc, 5-speed Bonneville T100 has all the T120’s strengths in a more-approachable package, RideApart reports . For 2022, the Bonneville range consists of the T120 (and T120 Black), their simpler T100 brother, the top-selling 900cc Street Twin offshoot, the ready-to-rumble Bonneville Bobber, and the more laid-back Bonneville Speedmaster. For the new year, they’ve all received some kind of update or improvement, many of them in the equivalent area, and most of those incremental, whether in performance, ergonomics, refinement, or styling - or all of the above. There are no jaw-dropping reboots here, with the overall silhouettes maintaining the status quo.

Bonneville T100

All the love, is gotten by the T120 but genuinely . The T100 is the one because channeled the 1959 icon first. Alas there’s no Black version this year (or a Bud Ekins edition, for that matter). But the 900cc classic still gets its share of performance tweaks and sleights of submit the styling department. The 2022 T100 gets 10 more horses and is nearly 9 pounds lighter than its predecessor. In addition to receiving upgraded brakes and a new cartridge fork. The engine rating is listed by triumph as 64 hp at 7, 400 rpm, with higher power across the rev range, and a 500 rpm higher rev limit to boot . Unchanged is remained by the torque peak of 59 pound-feet from the previous model . Though on the new T100 the peak now arrives at a later 3.750 rpm. , Triumph again credits a lighter-weight crankshaft . Ports were revised by clutch and balance shafts as well as magnesium cam covers and and cam profiles for the boost in power and responsiveness . The engine is also now fully Euro 5 compliant. Thanks to a secondary air system partially . The equivalent upgrade is gotten by the T100 to its brake system as its higher-spec brother, with new Brembo calipers to improve bite . The equivalent wheel is retained by though it and tire sizes from last year . The scene is made by a new higher-spec 41mm cartridge fork . A bit sleeker this time around is seemed by and the T100 . Rubber gaiters are worn by perhaps as a result it no around the fork legs . Other elements of the bike have been blacked out as well. Other elements including the engine, cam. On the instrument side, there’s a new dial face, and ABS and switchable traction control come standard.

The 2022 Bonneville T100 will come to these North American shores starting March 2021. In a choice of black, red/white, and blue/white.

Triumph Bonneville T100

The more important changes happened under the surface. More power is produced by as for the Street Twin, the T100's 900cc parallel-twin at 64 horsepower at 7, 400rpm and 59 lb-ft of torque at 3, 750rpm with peak torque available between 2, 000 and 7, 000rpm according to Triumph . The redline is now 500rpm higher. Thanks to the low inertia crankshaft, lighter balancer shafts, the thin-walled clutch cover, and a magnesium cam cover. The new T100 is almost 9 pounds lighter than the previous model-year. Weighing in at 503 pounds. The model's power-to-weight ratio is improved by thanks to the power increase and the lower weight, which . Hinckley says the T100 is now more responsive.

2021 Triumph Bonneville T100 review: Basic, British and beautiful

Few motorcycles are as unique as Triumph's Bonneville. The T100 is the most affordable model to wear the Bonneville badge, and as most latest Triumphs, it offers compelling features despite its modest price tag. But does it do its famous name justice. Or is it only paying lip service? To discover. A closer look is taken by let's at the Bonneville T100's bones . Starting with its engine. The T100 is powered by a 900-cc parallel-twin with an eight-valve cylinder head and a 270-degree crank angle. This last part is notable due to it imparts a good deal of the engine's character. Traditional parallel-twins with 360- or 180-degree crankshafts can be a small dull and bland. The 270-degree crank adds some roughness and vibration and makes it sound a small more like a V-twin. The engine a small bit worse is made by in other words -- and weirdly -- it in order to make it much better . A reasonably tame 55 horsepower is produced by this engine and 59 pound-feet of torque . While that sounds a less than stellar for a 900-cc engine small . It does mean because the Bonne T100 is understressed and almost laughably easy to ride. For beginners even . The T100 sports the traditional Bonneville tubular steel frame and a competent, though basic, suspension from KYB. The front fork tubes are 41 millimeters in diameter and non-adjustable. There are two -- it's an old-school bike, after all).

Are changeable for preload only. The brakes follow the theme of being unimpressive but adequate. The single front caliper is a two-piston Nissin unit because grips a 310-millimeter disc. A single two-piston Nissin is gotten by the rear as well . But with a 255-millimeter disc. Anti-lock braking is standard. Confidence-inspiring also is the bike's comparatively low 31 . 1-inch seat height (the seat is beautiful cushy, so functionally. So functionally it's probably even lower ) and sub-500-pound weight . The T100 easy is made by both of these things to maneuver around at low speeds and when parking . The latter of which being the time when a bike is most likely to be dropped.

All but the tiniest of riders should have no issues with this smaller Bonneville model. Like most latest, heritage-inspired bikes. The Bonneville T100 doesn't impress with its performance figures. And it's the most thrilling ride on two wheels not . What it does -- and does well -- is convincingly sell nostalgia to those who never experienced it the first time around. And does so in a way because avoids any uncool. Trying-too-hard vibes. That vibe -- along with the first-class materials and build quality -- is why the Bonneville T100 isn't a cheap motorcycle. In that case Triumph's resurgence since the Bonneville was reintroduced 20 years ago is any indication. People want to be part of that culture.

2021 Triumph Bonneville T100: The Baby Bonne is just right

Despite launching in 2021, the updated Triumph Bonneville lineup falls under the 2022 model year, RideApart and Motorcycle.com few models are included by and while the line . If the names even postpone until later . The 2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 and T120 aren’t identical to the 2021 models. While the latter still has a 1200cc parallel-twin with 79 hp and 77 lb-ft. The engine itself is lighter. As for the T100’s 900cc parallel-twin. It’s both lighter and more powerful; it’s rated at 64 hp and 59 lb-ft. And overall, the 2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 and T120 are 9 and 15 pounds lighter than their 2021 versions, respectively, Bennetts reports. While the 2021 Moto Guzzi V7 is down on torque compared to the 2022 Triumph Bonneville. It also seems to be down on weight. For 2022, the Triumph Bonneville T100 weighs in at 503 pounds fully-fueled, Ultimate Motorcycling reports. The V7’s dry weight was provided by moto Guzzi initially . Moto Guzzi the V7’s dry weight tops initially out at 447 pounds . , at 492 pounds with fuel and fluids however . 492 pounds it’s lighter than the T100 still . RoadRacing World reports. For 2022, the Triumph Bonneville T100 gains front Brembo brakes, Rider reports, as new gauges, ABS, traction control, and an upgraded front fork as well . And while there’s no T100 Black. A Black trim is offered by the 2022 Bonneville T120 . It also comes with upgraded Brembo brakes and enhanced riding modes. ABS and traction control are still standard, and for 2022. And so is cruise control. While heated grips were previously standard on the Triumph Bonneville T120, they’re now optional accessories. A standard under-seat USB outlet is offered by the T120 .

Standard is come by both the T100 and T120 with LED lights . Dealers will be hit by the first 2021 V7s in March 2021 . And while the 2022 Bonneville T100 will also arrive in March. The T120 bikes won’t be here until May 2021. The V7 slightly undercuts the Bonneville. The 2021 V7 Stone starts at $8990; the Centenario is $200 more. The V7 Special starts at $9490. In comparison, the 2022 Bonneville T100 starts at $10,500; the T120 models start at $12,050. The names still postpone until later .

2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 Jet Black

The evolution of a genuine motorcycle icon. The Bonneville T100 is now lighter and more powerful. With enhanced style and an higher level of specification even . Weight savings throughout the new T100 and higher specification cartridge forks result in a more agile machine with easier handling. Engaging but manageable, neutral yet responsive. The latest generation is included by stocky, rider-focused technology that of ABS and switchable traction control . Rider-focused technology is sensitively incorporated into the T100’s beautiful classic style.

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2022 Triumph Bonneville T100 First Look. A more is gotten. With a lighter chassis and upgraded suspension. A bit some styling changes are gotten. Triumph tuned up its Bonneville 900 High Torque plant. The version is both cleaner. The lighter chassis is floated. Blackout treatment is a constant cross the range. Rims and hubs ride darkened fork. Loss is always good. A rake angle is established. And the hoop is factored once. Torque maxes out. The induction is managed. “ Triumph’s keeps getting better. A bike better was made. The performance is matched. The Bonneville back was brought. Its T120 and T100 forms offer more tech considerably. All the love,is gotten. The T100 is the one. But the classic gets its share. More power is produced. The redline is now. Motorcycles are as unique. The T100 is the most affordable model. But does it. Or is paying it lip service. 2021 Triumph Bonneville:The Baby Bonne is just right. Models are included. The Bonneville T100 is now lighter.


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