2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles

There will be only 100 units. Only 100 customers will get their hands on 2022 KTM RC 8C. KTM has announced a limited-run, track-only RC 8C sport-bike, powered by the LC8c twin found in the 890 Duke R.

2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles
2022 KTM RC 8C Preview Limited to 100 Motorcycles


2022 KTM RC 8C Preview

A full-fairing parallel-twin-powered sportbike is offered by kTM with its RC 8C . The limited-edition, track-only RC 8C has been revealed by kTM . Track-only RC 8C a bike that promises to be a whole lot of fun for those who enjoy turning a lap or two. There will be only 100 units produced worldwide. With each one hand-built for track duty. The machine is powered by the equivalent parallel twin found in the 890 Duke R. Offering 128 hp and 74 pound-feet torque.

Plenty of pull considering the bike will weigh just over 300 pounds. Most of the internals remain the equivalent as those offered in the 890 Duke R. Most making it easier for owners to source replacement parts when needed. But a few items are changed. Instance is updated with a new airbox and Twin Air filter combination to improve throttle response and airflow. A race-spec exhaust system built is featured by the bike by Kramer Motorcycles . The bike a race-spec exhaust system built utilizes an Akrapovic titanium muffler. Braking comes by way of a top-shelf Brembo setup. There are two Stylema calipers and dual 290mm floating discs at the front and a two-piston Brembo caliper gripping a 230mm floating disc at the rear. A Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial master cylinder takes design and function from the unit used in MotoGP. A Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial master cylinder design and function allowing the rider to calibrate the brake’s bite point to their personal tastes through three distinct settings. Aluminum wheels were forged by the bike rolls on weightless Dymag UP7X and utilizes Pirelli Diablo Superbike slicks . The wheels are designed to be released quickly. Without having to disassemble the brakes. The slim bodywork is also on a quick-release system and includes RC16-inspired winglets for enhanced stability.

Since this bike is likely to inspire riders to push the limits. A number is included by kTM of crash-protection upgrades as well . These include crash pads on the frame, fork. And swingarm. The ergonomics are also easily adjusted to suit a variety of riders. More is offered by the CNC-machined footrest holders than 2 . 5 inches of height adjustment across three steps .

The CNC-machined handlebar clamps have interchangeable tubes and laser-engraved markings to ensure settings can easily be replicated. The headstock, fork offset, ride height. And seat height are all changeable as well. Head to KTM’s RC 8C site to board the waiting list for the bike. The check meanwhile out more views of KTM’s RC 8C below . Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. Financial compensation may be received by motorcyclist for products purchased through this site . All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous. And will not be able to monitor its performance.

Official: New KTM RC 8C track-only sports bike

    100 customers will just get their hands on the most track-focussed KTM production bike yet – the RC 8C . KTM has been promising a no-holds-barred, track-only GP replica for years. Having made the decision because road-going superbikes are too fast when the primary RC8 was discontinued. , the plan basically was to sell a limited run of RC16 MotoGP machines . But the company has instead created this Duke 890-powered weightless that offers Moto2 levels of performance and handling . Strictly speaking. The bike isn’t a pure KTM.

    Its roots lie in the Kramer GP2-R 890. Its roots created a couple of years ago by former KTM engineers and sold in small numbers as a pure trackday machine. Already made in close cooperation with KTM. The project has been brought in house with a partnership between Kramer and KTM, adding new, RC16 MotoGP-inspired bodywork to the Kramer-designed trellis frame and tuned Duke 890 engine. The RC16-inspired bodywork is made of Kevlar-reinforced GRP. Complete with the obligatory winglets and featuring quick-release fasteners for ease of access. Like the Kramer it’s based on. The RC 8C gets crash bungs bolted onto purpose-made brackets on the frame to help save the expensive bits in the event because ambition gets the better of talent. With similar protection on the swingarm and forks. Up front, the airbox itself is purpose-made for the RC 8C. Fresh air was fed by the airbox itself purpose-made working in harmony with the Akrapovic exhaust and fresh electronic mapping to extract 128hp from the 899cc LC8c parallel twin used in the 890 Duke R . from a nose intake that mimics the design on the latest RC16 GP bike . As a pure track bike. The RC 8C gets GPS-assisted datalogging and a 5” TFT race dash that focusses on engine information. Lap times and ECU settings than speed rather . The data can be downloaded and analysed via the AIM RaceStudio, revealing details of track position, throttle opening, rpm, gear, acceleration, and engine status.

    The bikes will be sold from 22 July via a specific page on the KTM website. Where customers will be able to put down a deposit. The RC 8C doesn’t come cheap. With the bike alone starting at £30.999…

    2022 KTM RC 8C already breaking records

    Live was gone by pre-orders for KTM’s latest and exclusive track machine online at 15 : 00 BST on 22nd July 2021 . By 15:04:32. They were all sold. It took a mere 4 minutes and 32 seconds for all 100 ultra-exclusive KTM RC 8C track bikes to sell out via KTM’s digital sales platform. With 25 of those buyers opting to take delivery of their machines at an exclusive handover event at Jerez equally . An online waiting list has been created by kTM . An online waiting list will allow interested buyers the chance to get their hands on a KTM RC 8C should any previous reservation be cancelled.

    Bennetts a trading name registered in England and Wales ( company number 11453343 ) with its registered office at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX . Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (reg no. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles & Scooters A limited-run, track-only RC 8C sportbike has been announced by kTM . Powered by the LC8c twin found in the 890 Duke R.

    2022 KTM RC 8C track only motorcycle unveiled

    The RC 8C has been introduced by kTM . A new track-only motorcycle based on the 890 Duke R.

    • Built in association with Kramer Motorcycles
    • 889cc, parallel-twin borrowed from 890 Duke R produces 128hp and 101Nm
    • Production run limited to 100 bikes

    KTM RC 8C: what is it? The RC 8C is a track-only bike that has been jointly developed by the KTM Factory Racing Team and US-based Kramer Motorcycles. The idea behind it is to offer a racebike experience without the hassles of running or maintaining an actual GP bike The biggest attention draw on the RC 8C's design are undeniably the aerodynamic winglets on the front fairing.

    An uncanny resemblance is born by them to those seen on the RC16 . Braking hardware consists of 290mm front discs with Brembo Stylema calipers and a 230mm rear disc. A Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial master cylinder is gotten by the bike . The bike a Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial master cylinder comes with three positions –normal. Sport and race –to alter the response and bite point. The weightless forged wheels mentioned early are sandalled with Pirelli Super Corsa 1 slick tyres. KTM RC 8C: specific package Of the 100 lucky customers who'll manage to get their hands on the RC 8C. 25 customers can opt for an exclusive track experience.

    An extra pair is included by the package of front and back discs, an extra set of Dymag wheels, tyre warmers, KTM Race carpet . And front and back paddock stands. The icing on top is track time with KTM riders Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio.

    KTM Reveals 2022 Limited Production RC 8C

      A new limited production track bike has been revealed by kTM with the 890 Duke R engine in a bespoke chassis . The 2022 KTM RC 8C will be available for pre-order starting on July 22 at 10 am EST/7 am PST on KTM’s website for $38.999. And while the RC 8C is designed for track use only. As the RC 8C is a further evolved version of the Kramer GP2 prototype that Troy Siahaan tested in 2018. Track-only sportbikes powered are built by a former KTM employee by KTM engines . The GP2 prototype Troy rode was powered by the 790 engine. But the production version uses the 890 engine because KTM is using here on the RC 8C.

      The GP2 has a distinct fairing design. But various key elements are present on the RC 8C from the steel trellis frame, swingarm, and the composite fuel tank/tail unit. KTM worked with Kramer Motorcycles to produce the RC 8C. Offering a track bike with top-shelf components typically found only on factory racing machines. The RC 8C is powered by KTM’s 889cc LC8c engine. The RC 8C claiming 126.1 hp and 74.5 lb-ft (we’ve dyno’ed a Kramer GP2 and got about 114 hp at the wheel). While the engine is unchanged from the Duke.

      The RC 8C benefits from a new air intake developed by Twin Air. Air is channeled through the ram air intake to the airbox positioned between the rider’s legs and then into the engine. Kramer designed the stainless steel exhaust system which ends with an Akrapovic Titanium muffler. Influences are incorporated by the bodywork from KTM’s RC16 MotoGP bike, with a ( fiber ) glass reinforced plastic ( GRP ) . Fairing reinforced with carbon-Kevlar and aerodynamic carbon fiber winglets for wheelie control and high-speed stability. As a purpose-built track bike.

      The body panels are designed to be easily removed for fast trackside service. The RC 8C was designed with crashing in mind, (which Troy, as a Kramer owner. Says he had to learn the hard way). Themselves is pushed by as racers and the bike to its limits . The components most likely to touch the ground are protected with sliders and/or designed to be sacrificial and easily replaced. The engine, and its critical components carrying fluids. And its critical components carrying fluids come nowhere near the ground in most crashes .

      Brembo provides the braking system with two Stylema calipers mounted with titanium fixings and 290 mm aluminum rotors up front and a two-piston caliper with 230 mm disc at the rear. The RC 8C is also outfitted with a Brembo 19 RCS Corsa Corta radial master brake cylinder. Riders are allowed by the master cylinder to adjust the bite point to their needs . The bite point gradually is started by the default Normal setting . The default Normal setting the bite point making it suitable for poor grip conditions gradually . A more kinetic response is offered by the Sport setting with a shorter initial bite . The Race setting is even more extreme. With a near quick response similar to the performance level used in MotoGP. The RC 8C offers changeable foot pegs, handlebars and seat height. The ergonomics are tuned by letting riders to their liking . The headstock is also changeable ±1° in 0.5° increments. While the fork offset is changeable between 1.0 and 1.1 inches. The RC 8C was equipped by kTM with a full-factory AIM MXS 1 . 2 RACE dashboard with a 5-inch TFT display . Integrated GPS function and data logger. The data can be analyzed in the AIM RaceStudio software, keeping tabs on track speed, position, throttle position, engine speed, gear, acceleration and deceleration. 100 units will be only produced by kTM of the RC 8C .

      For an more exclusive experience even . 25 customers will have the chance to take part in a private track day at Circuito de Jerez from Oct. 7-9 with KTM riders Mika Kallio and Dani Pedrosa. KTM will cover the transport expense to ship the RC 8C to Jerez where customers can get personal track setup by WP Suspension technicians. Those 25 customers will also receive a track day package with an extra set of Dymag wheels, brake discs, front and back paddock stands, tire warmers, and a KTM Race carpet.

      2022 KTM RC 8C Specs

      2022 KTM RC 8C Specifications
      Engine 889cc liquid-cooled four-stroke Parallel-Twin
      Bore x Stroke 90.7 mm x 68.8 mm
      EMS Bosch EMS with RBW
      Horsepower 126.1 hp (claimed)
      Torque 74.5 lb-ft. (claimed)
      Lubrication Forced oil lubrication with 2 oil pumps
      Starter Electric starter
      Clutch PASC antihopping clutch, mechanically operated
      Transmission 6-speed
      Chain 520
      Frame Chrome-molybdenum steel tubular space frame, powder-coated
      Front brake 2 x Brembo Stylema Monobloc four piston, radially mounted caliper, 290 mm brake discs
      Rear brake Brembo twin-piston floating caliper, 230 mm brake disc
      Front suspension WP X-ACT PRO 7543, 4.7 inches of travel
      Rear suspension WP APEx PRO 7746, 4.7 inches of travel
      Ground clearance 5.9 inches
      Tank capacity (approx.) 4.22 gallons
      Seat height 32.3 inches
      Steering head angle 66.7°
      Trail 3.9 inches
      Wheelbase 55.1 inches
      Dry Weight 309 pounds (claimed)

      2022 KTM RC 8C First Look 14 Facts

      There are almost no options for a rider who wants a track bike and has no interest in street-legal accouterments. The engineers and marketers in Austria are stepping into the breach with the KTM RC 8C. A track-only motorcycle because realizes that not everyone can exploit a superbike’s capabilities.

      1. Unlike the Euro-only Yamaha R6 Race, the KTM RC 8C will be available in the United States, and it won’t have lighting. That gives the KTM a lock on the US market, though we hope it will force Yamaha’s hand and the R6 Race will be made available to Americans—sans lights, of course.

      2. Kramer Motorcycles, based in Germany, had a submit the development of the KTM RC 8C. Kramer builds bespoke race-ready motorcycles, including the KTM 690-powered HKR EVO2-R and 890-engined GP2-R.

      3. The RC 8C’s motor is the equivalent twin used in the 890 Duke R. To keep the RC 8C accessible and affordable to operate, the motor is no distinct from what is offered in the KTM 890 Duke R. However, it has superior breathing, plus engine management that doesn’t have to kowtow to the EPA or DOT. The 889cc twin has peaks of 128 horsepower and nearly 75 ft-lbs of torque. That’s a nine-horsepower gain over the 890 Duke R.

      4. Kramer Motorcycles built the exhaust system, which incorporates a titanium Akrapovic muffler with a carbon-fiber end cap. If your local track doesn’t allow full-song exhausts, a 98 dB muffler is optional.

      5. The frame is distinct to the RC 8C, and optimized for high-precision on the track. Being a KTM, it’s a trellis design with extra-stiff chromoly tubing.

      6. The fuel tank has three duties—carrying fuel, subframe, and seat unit. This reduces weight and keeps the center of gravity at the center of the motorcycle. Kramer’s motorcycles have this equivalent design. Racers will appreciate the fuel line, which takes into consideration easy draining of the tank.

      7. The WP Apex Pro 7746 remote-reservoir shock is fully adjustable. The damping and spring settings are optimized for the track, and WP claims “precise manufacturing tolerances…[for] maximum precision and direct feedback.” There are separate adjustment circuits for high- and low-speed compression, plus the standard rebound damping options. The shock has an adjuster for spring-preload and length, giving the rider two ways to adjust ride height.

      8. The Brembo brake components are race-spec. Brembo Stylema calipers are mounted with titanium bolts and grasp on full-floating aluminum 290mm discs—320s would be overkill given the RC 8C’s weight and performance. The Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial master cylinder has MotoGP lineage. The master cylinder can be adjusted between three distinct bite points, with the most aggressive Race setting replicating MotoGP-level instantaneous braking response. The back disc is a 230mm unit.

      9. Ergonomics are crucial in racing, and the KTM RC 8C has plenty of adjustability for personalization. The footpegs have three positions over a 2.6-inch sweep, while there are two seat height choices via an eccentric subframe mount. The CNC-machined clip-ons accept distinct tubes, and the grip-angle adjustment covers 30 degrees. The grips have a height adjustment range of nearly an inch and a wide adjustment range of almost 1.2 inches.

      10. The KTM RC 8C’s bodywork is inspired by the RC16 MotoGP racer. The fairing is reinforced with carbon fiber and Kevlar, and those winglets aren’t there simply because they look good. The winglets function as wheelie control and boost high-speed stability. As a track bike, the bodywork is designed for quick removal and installation in the pits.

      11. There will be only 100 KTM RC 8C motorcycles built.

      12. KTM is offering an RC 8C track package, though we don’t have a price. You get an extra set of Dymag wheels with discs, front and back stands, tire warmers, and a KTM Race carpet.

      13. If you’d like to ride a KTM RC 8C at Circuito de Jerez with Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio, that is certainly a possibility. Of the 100 purchasers of the RC 8C, 25 of them will be able to ride with the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing test team at a date and price to be named later. Everyone who ponies up for that experience also gets the track package.

      14. The KTM RC 8C has an MSRP of $38,999, and it can be ordered on the KTM website starting at 10 a.m. EDT on July 22. Gentlemen, start your computers.

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        A sportbike is offered. The limited-edition,track-only RC has been revealed. There will be only 100 units. 100 customers will get their hands. KTM has been promising a no-holds-barred,track-only GP replica. KTM RC breaking records. Live was gone. They were all. It took a mere 4 minutes. The RC 8C has been introduced. KTM RC:what is it. The RC 8C is a track-only bike that. A production track bike has been revealed. The 2022 KTM RC 8C will be available. The RC 8C is evolved a further version. Church of MO:1996 Honda CBR600F3. KTM RC 8C First Look(21 Fast Facts. There are almost no options. A motorcycle because realizes exploit that not everyone can a superbike’s capabilities. The WSBK Championship has been won.


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