2021 Yamaha XSR125 retro for Europe

Yamaha’s European motorcycle lineup is the 2021 Yamaha XSR125. A retro-style naked sports designed for the commuter market. Pricing for the XSR125 is listed on the Yamaha UK website. It is made a touch on the pricey side for a 125 cc motorcycle in Europe .

2021 Yamaha XSR125 retro for Europe


2021 Yamaha XSR125 European Retro Commuter Bike

The 2021 Yamaha XSR125 is one of Yamaha’s motorcycle lineup in Europe. It is a retro-style naked sport designed for the commuter market. The price of the XSR125 is listed on the Yamaha website in the UK at £4,450 (RM25,926). It is made impressive on the expensive 125 cc motorcycle in Europe . The path set is followed by in terms of style, the XSR125 by the Yamaha XSR900, with a traditional-style round headlight . LED lighting is used by but .

Side panels and back fenders are clearly separate items. Unlike the MT-125/MT-15 with a folding plane and latest street fighter style hybrid panels. Power is provided by a 6 speeds gearbox with a chain last drive and 11 litres of fuel in the fuel tank. The weight is very light and the fuel tank can be filled at any time. The weight is said to be 140 kg. And the seat height of the XSR125 is set to 815 mm. Braking is accomplished by a single hydraulic brake at the front and rear.

The front part uses a brake disc with a diameter of 267 mm and the back part uses a brake disc with a diameter of 220 mm. The standard configuration is a two-channel ABS. An upside-down telescopic fork is used by the front end of the suspension with a diameter of 37 mm . A monoshock is used by the back with changeable preload . 110 / 70 is used by and the 17-inch wheels and 140 / 70 block tires with retro scrambling Appearance . There is a round digital LCD instrument with a white display on a black background. The taillight is also an LED unit. In Europe, XSR125 has three color options-red line. Impact yellow and technical black.

2021 Yamaha XSR125 is revealed in Europe: neo-retro design based on the XSR900

Yamaha launched in Europe the new 2021 XSR125. sport heritage’ was called by a low-capacity motorcycle with a ‘ neo-retro’ design ( by the brand ) . ‘ sport heritage’ based on the top of the line. The XSR line has, in addition to the XSR900 and now the XSR125. XSR700 and XSR155 (the latter launched in Thailand and other Asian countries). According to the brand.

The XSR line was designed for riders who appreciate the complete combination of a of true heritage design with timeless neo-retro looks and up-to-the-minute technology. The XSR125 has a design based on the XSR900, with retro elements, such as, for example, round headlight, round taillight, round instrument panel, flat seat and ’rounded’ fuel tank. The bike has clean and simple lines. But arrives with eye-catching retro-inspired color schemes. Eye-catching retro-inspired color schemes influenced by some of the brand’s legendary models. The 2021 Yamaha XSR125 engine is a 124 cm³ single cylinder with liquid cooling.

Capable of generating up to 11 kW (14.75 HP) of maximum power at 10,000 rpm and 1.15 kgfm / 115Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm. It is fully EU5 compliant. The ‘small’ XSR125 has a chassis with Deltabox frame design. The‘small’ XSR125 a chassis is. It is extremely firm and lightweight. The Yamaha XSR125 has LED on the headlight and taillight. As a digital ‘ inverted’ LCD panel as well fully . The 2021 XSR125 is sold in the UK for from £ 4.450.00

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2021 Yamaha XSR125 made its official debut in Europe

KUALA LUMPUR: Yamaha has lately added a new retro-styled model in its 125-cc lineup in the European market because goes with the XSR125. The bike underpins the equivalent platform on which the brand’s MT-125 and R125 are based. It boasts a distinct look and appeal that will certainly attract many eyeballs on the road. It is made a promising contender in the segment . Talking about the design in detail. The bike brags a firm retro flavour through a round headlight, rounded fuel tank, and a thin and long seat. , the appointments as full LED headlight and tail light spruced up the bike’s latest look however . Adding a pinch of ruggedness is a prominent engine guard. The 2021 Yamaha XSR125 is powered by a 124-cc Euro 5-compliant liquid-cooled SOHC engine that churns out a maximum power of 14.7 bhp at 10,000 rpm alongside a torque of 11.5 Nm at 8,000 rpm. The engine features a VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) system that allows it to deliver enough torque at lower speeds, alongside the striking performance at higher speeds. Yamaha is said . For channeling power to the ground. A 6-speed gearbox unit is gotten by the setup . The important dimensions are checked of the 2021 Yamaha XSR125 in the following table : The bike will be offered by yamaha in three colour options-Redline, Tech Black, and Impact Yellow across all the showrooms in Europe . About its arrival in other markets. No information is available at the moment.

Global debut : Smallest neo-retro XSR is made by yamaha XSR125 to launch in Europe in June

The Japanese manufacturer is expanding its 125cc portfolio with the Yamaha XSR125 which is based on the equivalent platform as the MT-125 and R125 but with traditional clothing and latest features A new-retro-styled Yamaha has just been revealed which would make fun daily commuter. XSR125 – the smallest XSR is entered by a new-retro-styled Yamaha to date . The Japanese manufacturer is expanding its 125cc portfolio with the XSR125 which is based on the equivalent platform as the MT-125 and R125 but with traditional clothing. If it even packs a range of latest features which are quite a necessity now . Yamaha XSR125 is powered by a 124cc liquid-cooled SOHC engine that extinguishes 14.7 bhp at 10,000 rpm and 11.5 Nm of torque at 8.000 rpm and is paired with a 6 speeds transmission. The engine boasts advanced Variable Valve Actuation and is Euro V compliant. Being a neo-retro.

A round headlamp casing is gotten by the XSR125 but with an LED lamp and an LED tail lamp as well, a circled fuel tank design, and a long flat seat . Bodywork has been kept at its minimal with the underbelly revealing the engine and radiator. But it does get an engine guard. The instrument cluster is a retro-themed LCD display with a chrome external finish. Redline, Impact Yellow is included by colour options and Tech Black, along with contrasting decals for each .

2021 Yamaha XSR125: Key highlights of the neo-retro commuter

  • The Yamaha XSR125 will be placed lower than the already existing XSR155.
  • It will be based on the equivalent engine platform as Yamaha's famous MT-125 and R125 bikes.

The new XSR125 neo-retro two-wheeler was revealed by yamaha for the European market a few days back . A video ( has also been rolled out by the company below ) throwing light on the bike's closer details . The XSR125 will be placed lower than the already present XSR155 motorcycle and will be based on the equivalent engine platform as Yamaha's famous MT-125 and R125 bikes. It is made an ideal motorcycle for a fun and comfy daily ride . Its wide handlebars upright riding position. And swept-back footpegs contribute to giving it a sporty yet comfort-oriented ride. In addition to that. It also features a flat tuck and roll seat that is likely to complement the bike's overall rider-friendly dynamics. The equivalent looks are carried by the new XSR125 and design as the larger XSR155 . It gets a round headlamp residing inside a black dipped external housing. USD front forks are sat by down below and body-coloured fender . The fuel tank sports a black strip which adds to a sportier appeal on the bike. It gels-in with a tuck and roll single seat and there is then also a small sized round tail light because contributes to its neo-retro appeal . In terms of dimensions.

The XSR125 is close to 10 mm taller than the larger XSR155 bike. The XSR125 might not be introduced by yamaha Motor India in the country anytime soon . It has its eyes set on the forthcoming launch of the FZ-X motorcycle.

2021 Yamaha XSR125 Officially Announced For June European Release

    Neo-retro bike summer.

    The large day is apparently May 11. The 2021 XSR125 was unveiled by due to that’s when Yamaha Motor Europe for markets across the Continent . The 2021 Yamaha XSR125 is, of course, a fully Euro 5-compliant machine. A claimed 11kW ( is made by it’s powered by a 124cc liquid-cooled, single-overhead cam, single-cylinder engine that or 14 . 75 horsepower ) at 10, 000 rpm, as well as 11 . 5Nm ( or 8 . 48 ft-lbs ) of torque at 8, 000 rpm . It also comes with a 6 speeds gearbox. The XSR125 rides on 17-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels, front and rear. Seat height is 815mm. Or over 32 inches just . Fuel tank capacity is 11 liters. And curb weight is 140 kilograms. Or over 308 pounds just .

    LED head is included by other key features and taillights, a round LCD meter up front with a chrome bezel to add to that neo-retro overall appearance . Mudguards were painted by as well as and that nicely retro tuck-and-roll seat styling . The XSR125 European release will be available in three colors: Redline, Tech Black, and Impact Yellow. As of May 11, 2021,. 2021 currently planned to hit dealers across Europe in the first week of June. Prices and availability will vary by region.

    Standard and Naked

    Even Europe Gets Its Own Small Yamaha XSR125

    • Looks identical to the XSR155 but arrives in brighter shades.
    • Due to European licensing laws, the 125cc motor from the MT-125 and R125 is used here.
    • Meanwhile in India, Yamaha is readying the FZ-X, not the XSR155.

    It has finally been unveiled. The smallest member of Yamaha’s neo-retro series of bikes has arrived on the scene. Offering budding enthusiasts a distinct flavour from the usual naked or supersport formats. No prizes for guessing why the XSR125 and the XSR155 look similar -- they are so virtually the equivalent bike but with distinct engines . The equivalent handsome XSR design DNA carries forward on the small 125 as well. The chunky tear-drop shaped fuel tank, the triangular side plates, and the mudguards arrive in three shades: Redline (red), Impact Yellow, and Tech Black. There are also lovely twin-stripe vinyls because contrast well with the base colour.

    The retro elements, such as a ribbed seat cover, a round headlamp and tail lamp. And a round dash are neatly integrated into what is a beautiful latest motorcycle. The dash is a negative-LCD fully-digital unit and the lighting bits mentioned above are LEDs. The XSR125 shares its engine with the R125 and MT-125. As European licensing laws restrict the cubic capacity for learner motorcycles to 125cc. The bigger XSR155 couldn’t be sold there (just like the R15 and the MT-15). This VVA-equipped motor, one of the most forceful in the class. All of the mechanic bits on the XSR125 are blacked out, including the motor, its short stubby exhaust, the Deltabox frame, the cast aluminium swingarm, and the USD fork.

    The XSR125 runs on 17-inch alloy wheels that come sandalled with block-pattern tyres. Disc brakes are employed at both ends with dual-channel ABS offered as standard. While the XSR125 has no natural rivals. It will have to contend with Europe’s current king of learner motorcycles: the KTM 125 Duke. The Austrian naked (that’s built in India) has an edgy design and near-identical engine output as the Yamaha neo-retro bike. A neo-retro derivative of the common FZ commuter highly . A new modern-retro motorcycle Based has been launched by yamaha on the YZF-R125 and the MT-125’s platform in the European market . The new motorcycle sits at the bottom of Yamaha's XSR vertical. The XSR 125 has been launched by yamaha in the European market . Extending its modern-retro portfolio to the 125cc segment.

    The new XSR 125 sits at the bottom of the XSR vertical, which also the XSR 900, XSR 700, and XSR 155 in the global market. The design of the XSR 125 is similar to that of its senior siblings. Where most new motorcycles get all-LED headlamp assembly. A round halogen reflector headlamp assembly is gotten by the XSR 125 . Most mechanic bits are exposed. Its retro styling was given by most mechanic bits . The seat is flat and has scrambler-like styling. The 17-inch wheels are sandalled with block pattern tyres. The body panels are minimum.

    And the motorcycle has an underbelly –. A bash plate – for protection not . The instrument cluster is a single pod all-digital unit. Gear position, speed, range, fuel gauge, is shown by the instrument cluster a single pod all-digital unit and a rev-counter . The Yamaha XSR 125 has been launched exclusively in the European market. And Yamaha has no intention of bringing the new premium 125cc motorcycle to the Indian market anytime soon. Yamaha India is expected to launch a more off road oriented motorcycle based on the FZ-S. Whose spy shots have been circulating on the internet for some time now.

    Yamaha XSR125 officially announced with European release in June 2021

    Deployed in Europe straight away . The important day is obviously May 11th. That was when Yamaha Motor Europe officially announced the 2021XSR125 for the continent-wide market. A look is taken by let’s at the flock of Neo Retro 125 heading from Iwata soon . The 2021 Yamaha XSR125 is completely Euro 5 compliant machine. It is powered by a 124cc liquid-cooled, single-overhead cam, single-cylinder engine that produces 11kW (or 14.75hp) at 10,000 rpm and 11.5Nm (or 8.48ft lbs) of torque at 8,000 rpm. It also comes with a 6-speed gearbox. The 37mm USD front fork is in front and the standard swingarm is in the back.

    The XSR125 is mounted on front and back 17-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels. The height of the seat is 815 mm. The height is a small over 32 inches. The fuel tank has a capacity of 11 liters and the curb weighs 140 kilograms. LED heads are included by other important features and taillights . A neo-retro overall look is added by a round LCD meter with a chrome bezel that . Mudguards were painted by a neo-retro . And retro tuck and roll seat styling.

    In 2021. The XSR125 Europe release will be available in three colors: Red Line. Tech Black and Impact Yellow. As of May 11, 2021. Dealers will be hit by it across Europe in the first week of June 2021 . Prices and availability vary by region.

    https://www.rideapart.com/news/506733/yamaha-xsr125-european-release-2021/?utm_source=RSS&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=RSS-all-news Yamaha XSR125 officially announced with European release in June 2021

    Yamaha XSR125: Neo-retro, learner-friendly, budget-conscious

    Yamaha continues to develop its neo-retro motorcycle series. With the new XSR125 launched overseas. Alas, at this point, it’s for Europe only . The XSR125 is based around a liquid-cooled four-valve single-cylinder engine. With Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA). Low-end tractability is improved by this variable valve timing system . This variable valve timing system low-end tractability while still allowing high-end revs. The engine is rated for 15 horsepower at the crank, at 10,000 rpm. Max torque output is 8.5 pound-feet at 8.000 rpm.

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    The bike’s chassis is very similar to those other Yamaha 125 models. There still are some differences . The XSR has standard 37 mm telescopic forks.

    While the sporty MT-125 and R125 have USD forks. It still has a steel frame and alu swinger, though, and 17-inch wheels front and rear. Those other 125 models also come with sporty rubber. While the XSR has the knobbly scrambleresque tires because everyone wants to turn on neo-retros these days. The XSR125 has official Yamaha Race and Urban accessory kits available. Rubber kneepads are included by other options and for that cafe racer look . As an Akrapovic exhaust and other retro- or racer-style bits as well . Overseas pricing depends on country-by-country situations; for the sake of reference. £ 4450 out-the-door will be costed by the XSR125 and on the road in the UK . 4450 out-the-door and works out to about $6.300 US. No doubt the price would actually be lower in the States. In that case it ever appeared in North America: but at this point.

    Yamaha XSR 125 Confirmed For Launch In Europe – Based On R125. MT125

    Yamaha XSR 125 will initially be on offer for European markets only

    A name has been earned quite by the XSR brand from Yamaha in the South Asian markets in the small capacity segment of motorcycles . The smallest of them all. XSR 125 has just been conformed and will be headed for European markets later this year. A type approval document of the 125cc XSR has been leaked on the internet revealing this development and certain specifications. Although any patent images of the equivalent haven’t been revealed yet. In all probability it is likely to be inspired by XSR 155 in terms of design. XSR 155 is a very common offering in various Asian markets and is likely to be based on R125 and MT125.

    Utilising the 125cc motor and underpinnings would not be difficult as both the models mentioned above are already on sale in Europe.

    Familiar Retro design

    The document leaked specifies because dimensions of the neo-retro motorcycle will be similar to XSR 155 except for its height which will be 10mm taller than its bigger sibling. This is probably as a result the suspension setup will be tuned for a firmer ride in Europe. Some of the features such as a digital, blue-backlit fully . Blue-backlit round instrument display and an LED lighting setup from XSR 155 are likely to trickle down to its smaller sibling. Hardware configurations of the forthcoming retro motorcycle are likely to mirror its more all-powerful counterpart. This includes a diamond frame suspended on upside-down forks at front and a mono-shock at rear. The sad part is because this motorcycle is unlikely to be launched in India anytime soon.

    Yamaha will launch a retro-styled motorcycle in the form of FZ-X which is based on FZ- S Fi. Images of the forthcoming motorcycle clicked during on-road trials have surfaced online on multiple occasions. It will be powered by a 149cc motor which produces 12.4 bhp at 7250rpm and 13.3 Nm of peak torque at 5500rpm. Launch of the retro-style bike is expected to take place in a couple of months.

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    It is made a touch. The 2021 Yamaha XSR125 is one. It is a retro-style naked sport. It is made impressive. The XSR line has,2021 Yamaha XSR125 made its official debut. KUALA LUMPUR:Yamaha has added lately a new retro-styled model. It boasts attract a distinct look many eyeballs. It is made a promising contender. The XSR125 neo-retro two-wheeler was revealed. A video(has been rolled also out by the company. The XSR125 will be placed be based lower. It is made an ideal motorcycle. The day is apparently May 11. The 2021 XSR125 was unveiled. The 2021 Yamaha XSR125 is,Head is included. Mudguards were painted. The XSR125 release will be available. Europe Gets Its Own Small Yamaha. It has been unveiled finally. Offering budding enthusiasts a distinct flavour. No prizes for guessing why the XSR125. The day is obviously May 11th. That was announced when Yamaha Motor Europe officially the 2021XSR125. A look is taken. The XSR125 launched overseas. A name has been earned quite by the XSR brand. XSR 125 has been conformed be headed just. The document leaked be be specifies similar 10mm taller. This is be tuned probably. Instrument display and an lighting setup from XSR 155 are likely.


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