2021 Indian Scout Sixty

The 2021 Indian Scout Sixty features a classically inspired, but modern liquid-cooled/fuel-injected 61ci V-twin with styling to please the modern cruiser rider.

2021 Indian Scout Sixty
2021 Indian Scout Sixty
2021 Indian Scout Sixty
2021 Indian Scout Sixty
2021 Indian Scout Sixty

2021 Indian Scout Sixty


2021 Indian Scout Sixty

The Indian Scout Sixty is a 61ci (1,000cc). Both latest is married by v-twin-powered cruiser that and traditional design cues . Indian states because its engine, headlight, fenders even . And wheels are inspired by the O.G. 1920s Scout, and yet it features latest components such electronic fuel injection, liquid-cooling, and optional ABS. It is one of the more approachable Scout models due to it houses the lower-displacement engine (for reference the Scout has a 69ci [1.133cc] V-twin). The Indian Scout Sixty was listed by motorcycle Cruiser as one of the top 10 cruisers for under $ 10, 000 for its easy-to-handle dimensions, power ( in comparison to others on the list ), fit and finish, and list of available accessories . New colors and added accessories are the only changes made to the Scout lineup.

The Scout Sixty is available in Thunder Black ($9,499 [non-ABS]/$10,299 [ABS]) and Ruby Metallic ($10,799 [ABS]). As mentioned. The Scout Sixty has the smaller displacement of the two engine sizes available in the Scout lineup. And since the V-twin is also shared with the Scout Bobber Sixty. 67 was sent by the 61ci engine . 83 hp at 7, 140 rpm and 55 . 82 pound-feet of torque at 5, 220 rpm to the rear wheel . The five speed gearbox is well spaced and offers loads of torque at just 2.000 rpm giving the Scout Sixties usable power right away. Nothing was missing from the riding experience.

The Indian Scout Sixty’s appeal is its easy-to-handle dimensions. Its 25 . 6-inch seat height and low center of gravity namely . From its short back travel it aside has an impressive riding experience too . Bringing the 544-pound (claimed. Bringing the 544-pound ( fully fueled ) Scout Sixty to a stop are 298mm single rotors at both ends with a twin-piston and single-piston caliper ( front and rear . An additional disc and caliper combo would be nice to improve overall stopping power. With a low seat height, pulled-back handlebars, and foot controls forward . The Indian Scout Sixty has an aggressive cruiser riding position for the solo rider. The Scout Sixty has a two-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Fantastic quality is offered by the Indian Scout Sixty for less than $ 10 . 000 . Its look blends Indian’s heritage with a latest twist that is as stunning as it is approachable.

2021 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Is an Ideal Starter Bike

An entry-level bike made was unveiled by indian Motorcycle for urban commuting and boardwalk cruising . With a minimalist design and stripped-down, blacked out silhouette. The Scout Bobber Sixty is sure to turn heads no matter where it’s ridden. greatest of all : It starts at less than $ 9K perhaps . That’s a welcome breath of fresh air. Motorcycling has had a especially hard time attracting new enthusiasts in the 21st century.

And there are plenty who believe the biggest reason is the starting price. The Indian Scout Bobber Sixty is approachable, affordable, and super-cool. Is this the bike because sends a jolt into a sputtering industry? The Bobber Sixty is a pared down version of Indian’s famous entry-level Scout Sixty cruiser. It sports a manageable 78-horsepower. That’s large enough to provide plenty of traffic-busting torque and highway-friendly speed, but small for most any rider to handle enough . With a light curb weight, nimble handling, and low center of gravity . The bike should appeal to riders of all sizes.

Indian expands the Scout lineup into the under-$10k category

Crisp and clean, the Scout Bobber Sixty rolls with the essentials plus some minimally-intrusive safety electronics, all powered by the proven, 78-horsepower “Sixty” plant. Blackout is the word of the day for the Scout Bobber Sixty as it expands the Scout lineup into the less-than-$10k territory.

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Design

This new Scout Bobber Sixty shares a considerable number of similarities with the “regular” Scout Bobber. It starts out with chopped-down sheet metal over both the front and back wheels to establish that bobber look. And it continues on into custom territory with ample blackout treatment the whole bike over.

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Chassis

Indian takes steps to keep weight down on the Scout Bobber Sixty with a cast-aluminum frame that mimics the geometry of the old hardtails. A rake angle is established by the steering head of 29-degrees with 4 . 7 inches of trail to strike a balance between crosswind tracking and corner attacking after it factors in with the 62-inch wheelbase . The engine might be at the bottom of the displacement range.

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Drivetrain

  • 1,000 cc 60° V-twin engine
  • 78 horsepower
  • 65 lb-ft @ 5,800 rpm
  • 5-speed transmission

Its 61 cubic-inch plant was tapped by the factory to power the Scout Bobber Sixty . Unlike the beautiful Thunder Stroke engine family, this mill runs with a modern. This mill 60-degree V-twin because shuns the cooling fins of its sibling in favor of a water jacket to manage the waste heat. It is leaved with the visual suggestion of the old parallel-pushrod arrangement . But it’s more of an artistic touch and isn’t meant to fool anyone as it rocks over-head cams to time the poppets. The power is carried by a gear-type primary drive and multi-disc wet clutch to the five speed transmixxer with a silent, low-maintenance, carbon-reinforced belt for the last drive . The power figures are 78 horsepower and 65 pound-feet of torque.

And top speed is clocked at a hair over 100 mph. This is a tad short of the full-size Scout engine that pushes out speeds around 120 mph, but honestly. An even hundred should be fast enough for public roads.

2021 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Competitors

Let’s so see how it stacks up . Both builders get credit for the tuck-and-roll cover on their solo seats, ’cause that’s some stylish stuff. Says I. H-D arguably gets a leg up on comfort and cornering performance with Showa’s Dual Bending Valve stems up front because deliver a superior ride to the plain vanilla forks on the Scout. Though the 30-degree rake and 6.2-inch trail trades eagerness in the corners for rock-solid tracking. “I realize there is a power/speed difference between the Sixty engine and the full-size Scout plant. But since 100 mph is generally fast enough.

While the blackout Bobber Sixty is appealing in its own right. It just begs to be customized. But in engine size only . large for tall riders, but small for height-challenged folks like me it’s enough enough . And the weight feels balanced so it handles well.

Indian Scout Bobber Sixty Specifications

Twist the throttle and hit every turn with confidence on the Scout Sixty. With power, agility, approachable handling, and head-turning style, it's a bike that's easy to ride and to hard not . The distinct style of the Scout Sixty is anchored in history. Blending traditional styling with latest tech for plenty of performance and comfort. And wheels were inspired by the primary Scout of the 1920s. Classics don’t have to live in the past. The Scout Sixty has its eyes on the future.

2021 Indian Scout Sixty Claimed Specifications

MSRP: $9,499–$10,799
Engine: 61ci (1,000cc) liquid-cooled V-twin
Bore x Stroke: 93.0 x 73.6mm
Transmission/Final Drive: 5-speed/belt
Fuel Delivery: Electronic fuel injection w/ 54mm throttle body
Clutch: Wet, multiplate
Engine Management/Ignition: N/A
Frame: Cast aluminum
Front Suspension: 41mm telescopic fork; 4.7 in. travel
Rear Suspension: Dual shocks; 3.0 in. travel
Front Brake: 2-piston caliper, 298mm disc w/ optional ABS
Rear Brake: 1-piston caliper, 298mm disc w/ optional ABS
Wheels, Front/Rear: Cast black; 16 x 3.5 in. / 16 x 3.5 in.
Tires, Front/Rear: Kenda K673; 130/90-16 / 150/80-16
Rake/Trail: 29.0°/4.7 in.
Wheelbase: 62.0 in.
Ground Clearance: 5.7 in.
Seat Height: 25.6 in.
Fuel Capacity: 3.3 gal.
Wet Weight: 544 lb.
Contact: indianmotorcycle.com

Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty Pricing

For 2020, the Scout is available in ICON limited-availability. The Scout Sixty comes in a small more affordable at $8.999 in Thunder Black and ABS adds $800 to the bill. Colors and two-tones come with ABS and run $10,299 and $10,799 respectively.

2021 Indian Scout Sixty Features

  • AT THE INTERSECTION OF TIMELESS AND EFFORTLESS: Twist the throttle and hit every turn with confidence on the Scout Sixty. With power, agility, approachable handling, and head-turning style, it's a bike that's easy to ride and hard not to.
  • JOYRIDE OF THE CENTURY: The weightless, cast aluminum frame, and low seat make for an expertly balanced bike that’s easy to handle at all speeds.
  • MODERN, LIQUID-COOLED V-TWIN ENGINE: Powered by a blacked out, liquid-cooled, 60 cu in, 78 hp V-twin engine for a thrilling ride.
  • ELEVATE YOUR RIDE: Put the finishing touches on your ride with authentic Indian Motorcycle accessories.
  • THROWBACK LOOKS. GROUNDBREAKING TECH.: The distinct style of the Scout Sixty is anchored in history, blending traditional styling with latest tech for plenty of performance and comfort.
  • AN ICON. REMASTERED.: The engine, headlights, fenders, and wheels were inspired by the primary Scout of the 1920s.
  • BLACK, AND MORE BLACK: The latest 78 hp V-twin comes in one color and one color only: black.
  • COMFORT THAT GOES FURTHER: As comfy as it is stylish.
  • ENGINEERED FOR THE FUTURE: Classics don’t have to live in the past. Loaded with latest technology, the Scout Sixty has its eyes on the future.
  • FAST FORWARD: Equipped with a 5-speed transmission for quick acceleration and smooth cruising.
  • ENGINEERING IS EVERYTHING: Electronic fuel injection and liquid cooling are just some of the advanced engineering features giving the Scout Sixty unmistakable power every time you fire up the engine.

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The throttle and hit every turn. Motorcycle’s 2020 Scout Bobber Sixty Is an Ideal Starter Bike. An bike made was unveiled. The Scout Bobber Sixty is sure. Indian expands the Scout lineup. Crisp and,the Scout Bobber Sixty rolls with the essentials plus some safety electronics,all powered. Blackout is the word. It starts out. Indian takes steps. A rake angle is established. Its 61 plant was tapped. This mill V-twin because shuns the. Let’s see how it. Both builders get credit. A cruiser variation is offered. Motorcycle’s 2021 Scout Bobber Twenty variation is a lower-riding. Old-school cruiser riders are attracted. Five variations are offered. The 2021 Indian Scout is a midsize cruiser. The Scout is resembled. Five Scout variations are offered. The 2021 stable is introduced. The Scout has a long. The 2021 Scout is essentially a carry-over. Firm is started. But things up a bit by going the stressed-engine route. Things a bit reducing the mass. The Scout an vibe is given. The 69(1 133 c)engine is the realistic showpiece. 2020,the Scout is available. The 1200 has a slightly larger engine. But because it knocks it. Torque-wise,the two bikes are close:71 pound-feet. The 1200 has it. The Indian Scout Sixty is a 61ci(1,000cc ). Both latest is married. And wheels are inspired.


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